Industrial Experience

Postdoctoral Member of Technical Staff, AT&T Bell Laboratories, Crawford Hill Laboratory, New Jersey, USA. The Crawford Hill laboratory was home to the antenna used as a radio telescope where Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson discovered the microwave background radiation permeating the universe, earning them a Nobel Prize. It was also home to Bell Lab’s most advanced semiconductor research where Eithne worked on novel long wavelength semiconductor lasers for the telecommunications industry.

Consultant, AT&T Bell Laboratories, Crawford Hill Laboratory, New Jersey, USA. Eithne continued to consult with Bell Labs after her return to Europe in relation to optical technology related to the telecommunications and optics industries.

Digital Equipment Corporation, Scotland sponsorship of Doctorate research. Eithne approached DEC personally during her final year project at UCD and wrote a successful, independent proposal to DEC to sponsor her doctorate work. She was the first Doctorate candidate sponsored by DEC, Scotland researching and developing new techniques to assist in defect detection of semiconductor devices aimed at the computer chip market. This work informed semiconductor device design and monitoring at DEC not just in Scotland but in DEC in the USA also.

Research work with Sony Corporation: This work involved in-situ determination of defects in novel semiconductor lasers with a view to understanding and eliminating catastrophic laser failures which would compromise the telecommunications industry. This work led to a joint patent application.

Research work with Hitachi Research Centre, TCD involved investigation of novel optically addressable circuits.

Internship Bosch, Stuttgart, Germany. This work involved generator evaluation for use in markets in the Far-East.

Internship ESB, Dublin. This work involved non-destructive testing in sites including  Poolbeg Generating Station, Dublin.